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Dr. Marcelo Santos visits Digby, Nova Scotia, Regional High School

On 7 May 2004 Dr. Santos and his M.Sc.E. graduate student Christian Solomon visited Digby Regional High School to talk about a research project in which the school is a participant. The science students in grades 10 and 11 were brought up to date on the Princess of Acadia Project. This project is using a NovAtel GPS receiver and a Campbell Scientific meteorological station that were installed on the roof of the school in October 2003. GGE also has a tide gauge attached on the ferry dock in Digby as part of the project, and since its installation it has been attended by the science teacher Mr. Greg Turner and some of his students. As a reminder of the visit, photos were taken and the students received GGE pens and other materials about the Department.

Christian talking about tides. (Photo: Marcelo Santos, 2004-May-7)

Teachers and students. (Photo: Thales Santos, 2004-May-7)