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Career Opportunities

This spring, there were at least twice as many employment opportunities as there were graduates with a B.Sc.E. from the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering. Companies from around the world were advertising for positions our graduates could fill. There were opportunities in all provinces of Canada, the southern and western United States, England, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Two openings specifically aimed at graduates of the UNB program were:

Here is a sample of the positions that were advertised this year: Project manager, GIS/remote sensing professional, seismic data processor, applications engineer, oceanographer, hydrographic surveyor, mine surveyor, dredging surveyor, navigation specialist, imaging specialist, geo-referenced data analyst.

Following are some of the career opportunities offered to our students.

For further information on career opportunities in geodesy and geomatics engineering, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies at

E-mail   Phone: 506-453-4698