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1st International Symposium of the International Gravity Field Service

UNB participated in the meeting with the presentations:

A. Ellmann, P. Vaníček, M. Santos, and R.Kingdon
"Interrelation Between the Geoid and Orthometric Heights Draft"

A. Ellmann, P. Vaníček, and M. Santos
"Validation of the Stokes-Helmert Geoid Determination Using Synthetic Earth Gravity"

R. Kingdon, M. Santos, A. Ellmann, and P. Vaníček
"Estimating the Shortcomings of 2D Density Models in Calculating Topographical Effects on Gravity and Orthometric Heights"
Left to right: Pavel Novak, Artu Ellmann, Hakan Kotoglu and Marcelo Santos.

Left to right: Jianliang Huang, Marcelo Santos, Pavel Novak, and Artu Ellmann.