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Monica Wachowicz

CISCO Systems Chair for Big Data

B.Sc. (Curitiba); M.Sc. (Twente); Ph.D. (Edinburgh)
Phone: +1 506-447-8113
E-mail: or

People in Motion Lab

Dr. Wachowicz works in the development of spatio-temporal analytical processes based on the discovery and mapping of human mobility behaviour through the synergy between the physical and virtual worlds of Big Data. These analytical reasoning processes that can cope with Big Data are based on interaction, context, and content discovery. Why is this important? Because it is about building the next generation of maps with predictive capabilities for representing the un-mappable "real behaviour" of people in motion in a physical geographical space and their correspondent daily petabyte-scale streams of unstructured data in a virtual world. The greatest challenges and opportunities arise from socially-generated big data, observed as a result of human interactions within a specific context that is increasingly recorded via online transactions, mobile communication devices, and distributed sensors, or revealed through big data at rest. Her main research interests are on advancing the core techniques and technologies in space-time representation, data mining and mobility analytics to lead to new fields of inquiry and encourage ambient and living cartography.