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Annual Engineering Design Symposium

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The GGE presentations were judged by a panel created by the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) New Brunswick Branch. We are grateful to the CIG for choosing the judges and spending a day at the symposium to carry out the judging. We thank Robert Harris, Bernie Connors, Katie LeBlanc, Jeremy Nicholson, and Colin Lang for their service. And once again, we are delighted to be able to thank sponsors for providing prize money. $1000 from the CIG New Brunswick Branch went to the first place winners, McElhanney provided $750 for the second place winners, while Midwest Surveys donated $500 for the third place winners.

We congratulate the CIG prize winners.

CIG first place winners
Left to right: Bailey Simpson, Olivia Cormier, Robert Harris (CIG NB), Toni MacRae, Keeley Shea

CIG second place winners
Left to right: C. Nico Prosperi-Porta, Robert Harris (CIG NB), Alex Brown

CIG third place winners
Left to right: Tanner Thompson, Robert Harris (CIG NB), Laura Rincon Ceballos

In addition, GGE professors made two awards. The "Faculty Choice Award" was based on the oral presentation made, and a written report submitted to the course GGE 4700 - Design Project and Report. A "Best Poster Award" was also made. The winners of these two awards were:

Faculty Choice Award
Left to right: Bennett Faulhammer, Jake Surgenor, Mackenzie Dale, Kurt Hamlyn

Best Poster Award
Left to right: Mason Gray, Kevin Eddy, Cody Marchand

Preparations will soon start for the 2020 symposium - watch this space for further details.