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GGE Researchers Dr. Shabnam Jabari and Dr. Yun Zhang Invited to Parliament Hill
Photos: CFI, 2018-February-13

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Dr. Jabari's Ph.D. research focused on an important but also technically challenging topic in remote sensing, namely change detection using optical images collected from different viewing angles. Her patent-pending solution unveiled the potential of using all the available mainstream high-resolution satellite images and aerial photos for change detection -- saving time and cost for disaster relief.

More than 100 guests attended the event on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Among them were students and postdoctoral fellows from universities and colleges across the country, along with their mentors, members of Parliament, senators, political staff, and research funding leaders.

Dr. Jabari introducing the change detection technology she developed in her Ph.D. research to the guests at the event.

Event guest experiencing EarthView3D-VR developed in Dr. Zhang's research lab and featured on the CFI homepage.

Dr. Zhang demonstrating EarthView3D developed in his research lab using glasses-free smartphones and glasses-free laptop.

More photos of the event can be found here: