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GGE Events - 2005

2005 Fall Student Technical Conference

2005-December-8: GGE presents the Fall Student Technical Conference. Details.

Recruitment Visit by Fugro Jacques GeoSurveys Inc.

2005-November-28 & 29: Recruitment visit by Fugro Jacques GeoSurveys Inc.

Recruitment Visit by Century Subsea

2005-November-21 & 22: Recruitment visit by Century Subsea.

Recruitment Visit by Stewart Weir Group

2005-November-15 & 16: Recruitment visit by Stewart Weir Group.

Recruitment Visit by Crape Geomatics Corporation

2005-November-14: Recruitment visit by Crape Geomatics Corporation.

Recruitment Visit by Tri-City Surveys Ltd.

2005-October-25 & 26: Recruitment visit by Tri-City Surveys Ltd.

2005 GGEGSS Pizza Party

2005-October-6: The GGE Graduate Student Society hosts its annual pizza party at 5:30 PM in E-4 to welcome new graduate students. Faculty and staff are also invited.

Travis Maxwell Defends his M.Sc.E. Thesis

2005-September-16: Travis Maxwell defends his thesis at 9:00 AM in the ADI Room (C-25): Object-Oriented Classification: Classification of Pan-Sharpened QuickBird Imagery and A Fuzzy Approach to Improving Image Segmentation Efficiency.

2005 GGE Pizza Party

2005-September-15: GGE's annual pizza party, featuring pizza, pop and a chance to meet fellow students, faculty and staff, will be held between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM in GGE's main hallway.

CCGE Seminar

2005-September-12: CCGE seminar at 2:30 PM in E-11: Research and Development in Monitoring and Modeling of Structural and Ground Deformations.

Garfield Giff Defends his Ph.D. Dissertation

2005-July-8: Garfield Giff defends his Ph.D. dissertation at 9:00 AM in the ADI Room (C-25): Conceptual Funding Models for Spatial Data Infrastructure Implementation.

Michael Sutherland Defends his Ph.D. Dissertation

2005-July-7: Michael Sutherland defends his Ph.D. dissertation at 2:00 PM in E-11: Marine Boundaries and Good Governance of Marine Spaces.

Mazhar Rafiq Defends his M.Sc.E. Thesis

2005-June-23: Mazhar Rafiq defends his M.Sc.E. thesis at 2:30 PM in E-11: Study of Eastern Canadian Coastal Site Displacement due to Tidal Loading Using a GPS Network in Atlantic Canada.

Jason Bond Presents his Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal

2005-June-20: Jason Bond presents his Ph.D. dissertation proposal at 3:00 PM in E-11: Optimization of the Integration of Geodetic Technology for Deformation Monitoring in Open Pit Mines: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Karen Cove Defends her M.Sc.E. Thesis

2005-May-26: Karen Cove defends her M.Sc.E. thesis at 1:30 PM in the ADI Room (C-25): Improvements in GPS Tropospheric Delay Estimation with Numerical Weather Prediction.

Willis Roberts Receives Honorary Degree

2005-May-18 & 19: The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton will grant honorary degrees to five outstanding individuals during its 176th Encaenia celebrations, including Willis Roberts, one of the fathers of UNB's Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering. Details.

Sara Cockburn Defends her M.Sc.E. Thesis

2005-April-26: Sara Cockburn defends her M.Sc.E. thesis at 9:30 AM in E-11: Marine Cadastres and the Law: Using Modern Developments in Marine Boundary Law to Construct a Legal Framework for Surveyors in Offshore and Coastal Environments.

Guest Lecture by Jess Horan

2005-March-31: Jess Horan from the RICS New York office will speak on Work Place Ethics at 1:30 PM in E-11.

2005 Spring Student Technical Conference

2005-March-22 to 24: GGE presents the 2005 Spring Student Technical Conference in conjunction with the CIG Undergraduate Paper Competition and the Focus Corporation Graduate Paper Competition. The conference will be held C-13 (Dineen Auditorium). Details.

Huaining Yang Defends his M.Sc.E. Thesis

2005-March-1: Huaining Yang defends his M.Sc.E. thesis at 12:30 PM in E-11: The Canadian Geoid in the Three-Space Scenario.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Nic Olivier

2005-March-1: Dr. Nic Olivier from the University of Pretoria will speak at 11:00 AM in the McAllister Room, Ludlow Hall: Land Reform in Southern Africa.

Presentation by Sergeant Bruce Hogan and Master Corporal Bill Kidman

2005-February-24: We are excited to have Sergeant Bruce Hogan and Master Corporal Bill Kidman accept an invitation to present the latest in technology in digital photogrammetry techniques, using inertial navigation systems. If you are interested in seeing how these cutting-edge techniques are impacting the military and government departments, the presentation will be at 2:30 PM in E-4.

Rodrigo Leandro Presents his Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal

2005-February-22: Rodrigo Leandro presents his thesis proposal at 12:30 PM in E-11: A New Precise Point Positioning Model.

2004-5 Brown Bag Lecture Series, Lecture 4

2005-February-18: GGE CIG Brown Bag Lecture Series: Mr. Ivan Ford who owns and operates LandMark Consulting Services Ltd. here in Fredericton, will be speaking on Consortium Building/Making Money in Geomatics at 1:30 PM in E-4.

Commemorating the Meridian Pillar

2005-February-17: A commemoration of the first use of the meridian pillar placed by William Brydone Jack will be held at the pillar [8.82 chains South of the Transit Room of the Brydone Jack Observatory] immediately south of UNB's Aitken House residence at 3 PM. Details.

Guest Lecture by Marketa Pokorna

2005-February-15: Marketa Pokorna, a visiting scientist from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany will give a guest lecture from 1:00- 2:00 PM in E-11: Microbathymetric and Bathymetric Surveying - A Comparison of Seafloor Topography at Porcupine Bank, West of Ireland.

Ms. Pokorna is from the Czech Republic and holds a M.Sc.E. from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The National Geospatial Framework Project

2005-January-18: Members of the university community are cordially invited to attend the official announcement of the National Geospatial Framework Project at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. It will be held at 10:00 AM in Room 204 of the Wu Conference Centre.

The featured speakers will include Minister of State Andy Scott; UNB President John McLaughlin; and Marcelo Santos, professor of geodesy and geomatics engineering and the CIDA-Brazil project director at UNBF.

This multi-million-dollar project involves developing and implementing a national geospatial framework in Brazil. This framework will make geospatial information - which is important for mapping, natural resource management, and safety - widely available to all levels of government, industry, business, and private citizens.

For additional information, contact Tracey Hawco-Winchester in the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering at 458-7228.

For more information, read the associated UNB news release.