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Class of 1997

Photos by Heather Stairs

At the spring 1997 graduation celebrations, a number of students were immortalized on film. From left to right:

Front row: Andrew Sutherland, Joey Lynch, Jiun-Han Keong.

Back row:Scott Dufour, Jamie Parsons, Kent Croucher, David Peacock, Steve Rose, Mike Kieser, Jody Blakely, Philippe Breau, Martin Payne, Jason Thistle.

Philippe Breau, Garry Casey, Scott Dufour, Steve Rose, Andrew Sutherland, Sandy Ross, David Peacock.

Jennifer McCulloch, David Peacock, Dr. Dave Coleman, Wendy Taylor, Philippe Breau, Brian Donahue, Chris Chiasson.

Janice Blakely, Jody Blakely, Rob Greer, Kelly Hurley, James Webster, Mary Burton, Jamieson Murphy.

Joey Lynch, Peggy Corkum, Jane Goudrey, Peter Berrigan.

Shawn McFarlane, Dr. James Secord, Jiun-Han Keong, Dr. Richard Langley.