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GGE: Fifty Years Young
(All photos are the copyright of Joy Cummings, UNB's official photographer)

The Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (GGE) at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. This is a brief overview of the events and other activities that took place to mark the special occasion.

During the summer of 2009, an anniversary organizing committee was struck of Richard Langley, Chair; Peter Dare, Vice-Chair; Adam Chrzanowski, Dave Dodd, Kim Delorey, and Sylvia Whitaker. This was later enlarged to include students Krista Amolins, Lara Needham, Joey Chessie, Hui Tang, and videographers Patrick Adda and Amer Ahmad.

On 5 January 2010, the banner proclaiming the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Surveying (and subsequently Geodesy and Geomatics) Engineering was unveiled on the wall of the C-level entrance to Sir Edmund Head Hall engineering building.

The 2010 Geomatics Atlantic Conference was planned for the 27th to noon on the 29th of October, with the 50th anniversary papers being given during the afternoon of the 29th by Adam Chrzanowski; Angus Hamilton; Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski; Gottfried Konecny; John Hughes Clarke; John McLaughlin; Robbie Kingdon; Marcelo Santos; Yun Zhang. It was helpful to have Peter Dare on the anniversary committee as he was chairing the Geomatics Atlantic Conference. The Department's contribution to the Geomatics Atlantic Conference was followed with a Gala Celebration the evening of the 29th. The gala, with finger foods and a cash bar, included speeches from dignitaries, highland dancers, sailors doing the hornpipe, Steven Peacock with his singing guitar, and skits performed by faculty and students. The faculty evoked gales of laughter from the audience as they participated in skits showcasing their iffy talents as functioning surveyors.

Faculty gathers for a photo spanning 50 years of teaching. Front row from left: Dave Coleman, Marcelo Santos, Yun Zhang, Eugene E. Derenyi, Peter Dare, David Wells. Back row from left: Gottfried Konecny, Sue Nichols, Angus Hamilton, John McLaughlin, Gerhard Gloss, Adam Chrzanowski, Petr Vanicek, James Secord.

Peter Dare unveiling the commemorative plaque (and cake) in the main lobby of Head Hall. “This plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. Initially established as an undergraduate program in the Department of Civil Engineering, it became the fully-fledged Department of Surveying Engineering in 1965. It was the first such program in English-speaking Canada and became the model for many others around the world. The department changed its name to Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering in 1994 to better reflect the interdisciplinary spectrum of its activities. 30 October 2010.”

Dr. Anthony Secco, Vice President Fredericton (Academic) kicked off the Gala celebrations with a few well chosen remarks of praise for the Department. First Chair of the Department, Dr. Gottfried Konecny, and first employee and lecturer, Gerhard Gloss.

Office staff and conference organizers extraordinaire. From left: Sylvia Whitaker, Lorry Hunt, Michelle Ryan.
Highland Dancers, with Sandy Gordon of St. Andrews Pipe Band doing the piping. Wendy Wells holding her history of the department: By Any Measure.

Enjoying the festivities:
Top left: Amer Ahmad, Moussadak Mezouaghi.
Top right: Tracey Peet, Adam Pleasant, Alex Penner, Andrew Healey, Justin Theriault, Kelly O'Brien.
Left: Shawn Leroux, Aaron Creamer, Michael Haines, Mohamed Moullem, Norman Chai, Mitchell Nash, David Januszijiewicz, James Thomas, Andrew Jenkins.

Other major events for the anniversary celebrations were:

Open House in the Department on 30 October 2011. Dr. Gottfried Konecny gave a presentation on “Professional Education - a key to Sustainable Development”.

The generally happy atmosphere of and amazing turnout for the celebrations spoke volumes about the care, affection, and pride that has surrounded the Department since its inception. Its 50th anniversary was well and duly commemorated. For additional photos of the gala, have a look at our slideshow.

Former faculty, student, and staff enjoying the skits on stage. From left: Professor Emeritus Angus Hamilton; former graduate secretary, Theresa Pearce; Professor Emeritus Adam Chrzanowski; Alumnus Eugene F. Derenyi; Honorary Research Associate Eugene E. Derenyi; Sylvia Derenyi; Margaret Hamilton. Faculty, students, and staff being judged by James Secord who is “precisely checking the centre of the tribrach with respect to the floor point”. From the left: Jay Woodyear, Dave Fraser, Michelle Ryan, Anand Hiroji, Lara Needhan, Alex Penner, Peter Dare, James Secord, Anna Chrzanowski's legs, and Yun Zhang.

From left: Doga Tav, Gozde Akay, Farzaneh Shanyafar, Bahram Salehi, Stello Yeom, Yong-Won Ahn, and Sina Adham-Khibani. Unveiling of the plaque in the lobby of Head Hall: From left: Dr. Konecny Jun., Dave Carney, Dave Monahan, Marcelo Santos, Eugene E. Derenyi, Mary Ogilvie, Costas Armenakis, Anand Hiroji, Sylvia Derenyi, Krista Amolins.

From left: Bahram Salehi, Dave Fraser, Rakesh Mishra, Anand Hiroji, Amer Ahmad, Hui Tang. From left: Kelly O'Brien, Peter Penner, James Thomas, Dorin Resek, Aaron Farkas, Pat Myette, Jarrett Fraser.