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Welcome to UNB's Earthquake Seismology Web Server

The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of New Brunswick cooperates with Earthquakes Canada in the operation of a very broadband seismograph located in southwestern New Brunswick, for purposes of earthquake monitoring, research and public education. Purchased in 2012 with funds donated by alumni, the instrument is currently located in the village of McAdam. Seismograms from the instrument are displayed for the public on this web page and in the Quartermain Earth Science Centre at UNB Fredericton. The data are being shared with Earthquakes Canada (a division of Natural Resources Canada) to improve on the sensitivity and accuracy of earthquake detection in the Maritimes.

This page provides links to 'live' seismograms, updated every minute. Links are also provided to seismograms recorded for distant and local earthquakes of particular interest. The seismograms are plotted in the format of old analog (pen on paper) drum recorders known as helicorders, showing 24 hours of data on a single page.

Click for the current long-period display, the one that is most sensitive to large distant earthquakes:
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Links to more real-time helicorder images are shown below.
Visitors seeking information on earthquake locations may consult one of the following external websites:

Information on historical seismicity in New Brunswick, based on research by Dr. Kenneth Burke, former professor of geophysics at UNB, is available on the Earthquakes Canada website: Historical Earthquake Activity in New Brunswick, Activité sismique au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Raw data are archived by Earthquakes Canada and may be obtained by an AutoDRM request.

For further information, please contact Karl Butler or Kenneth Burke.
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