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The Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACEnet) is a partnership of seven Universities in Atlantic Canada who are committed to providing the best in high performance computing resources to the region's researchers.

The University of New Brunswick Saint John is host to Courtenay, a cluster of 16 nodes with two dual core processors for a total of 64 cores of computing power. Courtenay is available to all ACEnet members. It is also explicitly used by UNBSJ undergraduates studying parallel programming.

For more information on ACEnet, please visit their website at and their wiki at

Research Funding

Faculty in the Department have received funding from the following sources:


UNB Thesis Templates are available here

Honours degree requirements from 2006 are here

Graduate Students and Alumni
Name Supervisor Location Email
Andrew AlbertDr R. Shaw
Dr J. Terhune
UNB Saint John
Mohammad Sadnan Al ManirChristopher J. O. Baker
Hazen Hall
Dr Feras Al-ObeidatDr P. Mahanti
NRC Fredericton
Ikhtear Md. Sharif BhuyanDr Hazel Webb
Dr Daniel Lemire
Saint John
Eduardo GutarraDr Owen Kaser
Dr Daniel Lemire
UNB Saint John
Dr. Alex Kouznetsov ----
Research In Motion
Xiaoyi LiDr. Janet Light
Bradley ShoebottomDr Christopher JO Baker
UNB-F NRC Building, Suite 313
James StewartDr Josée Tassé
Saint John Police Force
Maksudul Alam ChowdhuryDr. Janet Light
Dr. William McIver
Bhuvaneswari ArunachalanDr.Janet Light
UNB Saint John, HH-Annex 12
Atul SharmaDr. Owen Kaser
San Francisco