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This schedule may be subject to changes. For further details please check with the organizers.

Sunday-Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am-3pm
None on Saturday
Location: lobby of MB Building

Monday 6pm - 9pm in lobby of MB Building
Wednesday 6pm - 9pm in McKibbin's Pub, 1426 Bishop St
Thursday 6pm - 9pm on 6th floor of MB Building

All events are in the MB Building, 1450 rue Guy

Wednesday, July 10
Registration, Welcome
Why Biodiversity Science needs Semantics
Keynote: Birgitta König-Ries
Coffee Break
Long and Short Research Papers

A Semantic Web Based Ontology Mapping and Instance Transformation Framework
Borna Jafarpour and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi

Combined Structure-Weight Graph Similarity and its Application in E-Health
Mahsa Kiani, Virendrakumar C. Bhavsar and Harold Boley

Parallelizing Algebraic Reasoning for the Description Logic SHOQ
Jocelyne Faddoul and Wendy MacCaull

A Framework for Web-based Interoperation among Business Rules
Yevgen Biletskiy
Lunch on your own (places to eat)
Speed-forming your ontology or how to improve reasoning performance for your OWL ontology
Invited Speaker: Volker Haarslev       
Early Career Track Papers (I)

Product Centric Web Page Segmentation and Localization
John Cuzzola, Dragan Gasevic and Ebrahim Bagheri

Generating Semantic Web Services from Declarative Descriptions
Mohammad Sadnan Al Manir, Alexandre Riazanov, Harold Boley and Christopher J.O. Baker
System Paper Demos with Coffee Break
Semantic Content Processing in Web Portals
Felicitas Löffler, Bahar Sateli, Birgitta König-Ries and René Witte 

Semantic Tagging with Linked Open Data
John Cuzzola, Zoran Jeremic, Ebrahim Bagheri, Dragan Gasevic, Jelena Jovanovic and Reza Bashash

A Semantic Framework for Data Quality Assurance in Medical Research
Lingkai Zhu, Kevin Quach and Helen Chen

Visualizing SWRL Rules: From Unary/Binary Datalog and PSOA RuleML to Graphviz and Grailog
Ismail Akbari, Bo Yan, Junyan Zhang and Harold Boley
Early Career Track Papers (II)

Looking into Reactome through Biopax Lens
Laleh Kazemzadeh, Helena F. Deus, Michel Dumontier and Frank Barry

A Substrate Description Framework and Semantic Repository for Publication and Discovery in Cloud Based Conferencing
Jerry George, Fatna Belqasmi, Roch Glitho and Nadjia Kara

Context aware service discovery and service enabled workflow
Altaf Hussain and Wendy MacCaull
Symposium Closing
3 hours
Symposium Reception: McKibbin's Irish Pub (2nd floor)
1426 Bishop St.,

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