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Thierry Chopin participates in the UNBSJ Summer Science and Sports Camp

Chopin makes seaweed puddingThierry Chopin of UNBSJ explains how to make seaweed pudding at a science day camp.

While preparing a seaweed pudding, based on the traditional Acadian blanc-mange recipe, Thierry Chopin talked about seaweeds, their important roles in every-day life and in sustainable aquaculture practices such as integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA). “It is important that at an early age, like with these grade 7-8 students, children understand marine ecosystems. There is much more than fish and whales in the ocean and often forgotten groups of organisms, like seaweeds, have key functions and render key environmental services in coastal ecosystems,” said Thierry Chopin. “If people do not get it at an early age, do not be surprised that we find misunderstandings when they become decision makers and regulators later in their life!” added Thierry Chopin, with a smile.

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