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Thierry Chopin participates in the 2011 New Brunswick Festival of Nature

September 3-4, 2011

The New Brunswick Festival of Nature, organized by the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists, took place this year on Grand Manan Island.

Thierry Chopin was the group leader for the Seaweed Discovery Tour, which started in the kitchen with the preparation of a blanc mange pudding in the Acadian tradition.

While the hot milk containing carrageenans, diffusing from a small bag of the red seaweed Chondrus crispus (commonly known as Irish moss), was cooling down, Thierry Chopin gave a presentation entitled “Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA): one of the solutions for the Turquoise Revolution (the greener Blue Revolution)”.

The tide getting low, the group went to Pettes Cove to discover, first hand, some common species of seaweeds along our shore and also get to know a little more about their biology, ecology and uses in our everyday lives.

Once back, everybody enjoyed the blanc mange, which had turned into a delicious gelled pudding.

Disseminating knowledge to various audiences will certainly be an important task if we want to increase the awareness of IMTA in the general public.

Maritime beauty of Grand Manan Island.

The tides they are a-changin… from the McLaughlin’s Wharf Inn at Seal Cove.