Current Opportunities for Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies in Biology

This link serves as a bulletin board for posting current openings for MSc/PhD positions for which funding has been secured but no student yet selected. Other opportunities may be available that are not posted here and potential applicants are encouraged to contact prospective faculty supervisors directly.

Posted November 2015:

Graduate studies positions in genetics

Biology Department, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Available May 2016
We are examining both the mechanism and consequences of gene duplication by retrotransposition in the evolution of Drosophila species. Gene duplication by retrotransposition occurs by reverse transcription of mRNAs and insertion of the cDNA into a new site to generate a retrogene copy. Since retrogenes are “not born equal” to their parent genes, they are good candidates for functional diversification as protein coding genes or regulatory RNA genes. Using genetics, bioinformatics, and cell and molecular biology, we have three main research objectives which address fundamental questions about retroduplication in genome evolution. These objectives are to examine 1) the functional divergence of existing retrogenes; 2) the function of transcribed pseudoretrogenes; and 3) the mechanism of retroduplication in the germ-line.
Students interested in pursuing an MSc or PhD degree in this area of research are encouraged to send inquiries to Denise Clark (

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